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Business Mission to Indonesia

Development of international relations true.code

Student Practice 2022

A new approach to the organization of students' practice on the basis of our company.

The procedure for selecting students for practice

The scheme of interaction between us and interns.

Cooperation with KMGP, Kazakhstan

We tell you about the first experience of cooperation with a company from Kazakhstan.

Business mission to Kazakhstan

Development of international relations true.code

Negotiations with a business mission from Kazakhstan

Interaction with the business community of Kazakhstan on the platform of the Support of Russia.

Exporter of the year award 2022

About participation in the Exporter of the Year contest and our next award.

Digital transformation of a food factory

Our projects can be delicious. When we visited the food factory, the interaction points were identified immediately.

Cooperation with flour milling in Ulan Ude

A major project of our company is automation and digital transformation of flour milling in Buryatia.

Meeting with the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media

We talk about our relations with the state and proposals for the development of the IT industry.

Business trip to the pasta factory

The project of digitalization of the pasta factory.

IRNTU project activities

Preparation of real projects to work with students of IRNTU.

We are starting to teach at IRNTU

We talk about lectures and seminars at IRNTU.

Cooperation with ICMP

Implementation of IT solutions for tracked vehicles manufacturing.

Agreement on the start of work in New Zealand

Cooperation between true.code and Kiwi Group

Signing of a cooperation agreement with IrGAU

Partnerships with Irkutsk universities.

Corporate English Language lessons

We will tell you how we pump the skills of our team to enter the international market.

Student Practice 2021

Organization of students' practice in our company.

Signing of a cooperation agreement with IRNTU

Partnerships with Irkutsk universities.

Office renovation

We explain the importance of a comfortable office.

Signing of a cooperation agreement with ISU

Partnerships with Irkutsk universities.

QA in true.code

Quality control in true.code. Automated testing of IT products
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