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New Town

Real estate

New Town  is one of the leading construction companies in Siberia, constructing residential buildings since 1996.  New Town builds comfortable and warm housing for people. The company follows phased construction rules and invents every detail. People trust the New Town construction company and buy houses directly from the developer for generations.

Services provided:
audit, design, website development
Technology stack:
project manager, marketer, web designer, frontend developer, backend developer, QA, content manager


To develop a website to make it the main implement for sales. A website from which customers could learn about vacant apartments, to get an overview and book a house for purchase.


We’ve made a filter system for clients to choose an apartment without a hitch. With its help a customer can set the required number of rooms, square footage, a floor and a price range. To look through all the available options conforming to one’s request, press the “show” button. Sold or booked apartments would never show up in an available options list.

Favorites folder

There is a favorites folder for customers to collect apartments they like. We’ve created simple functions to compare favorite options.

We didn’t want website users to open a bunch of tabs, switch from one to another and get lost in a wealth of information. For that reason there are information cards for each apartment  in a favorites folder ( a layout, number of rooms, name of the residential complex, a floor and a price).

As soon as a customer makes up his mind, he books an apartment. The application goes to the sales department mail and is added to the CRM automatically. Then a manager does his last job and contacts the client to make a deal.


We’ve developed a special plug-in so there would always be relevant information on the website. This plug-in loads data about vacant apartments and starts triple syncing: with the client’s amoCRM , 1C program and  with the company’s website. For example, if new information about apartment sales  appears in the CRM, the plug-in sends this data to 1C and on the website.

The information is updated every 30 seconds so only vacant apartments are presented on the website. Managers don’t have to keep track of available options or update information manually – the website does it automatically.

Admin panel

A client can change any information on the site by himself: to post news or promotions, add housing complexes, change pictures and texts using the administration panel.


Moreover we’ve prepared a manual for our clients with detailed usage instructions for the admin panel. It’s easy and simple. The  New Town employees figured it out easily and entered the information on the first try.

Residential complex

The initial client’s plan was to add minimum information on a residential complex webpage – a few pictures, offers and a button redirecting on a certain residential complex.


We’ve convinced them to give up this idea so customers would stay on the site. Therefore we’ve created completed pages with detailed descriptions, maps information on progress in the constructions, project documentation, videos, general plan and apartment layouts for each housing complex.

The final page is not a static template but a construction material: it can be built from different sections. The website owners can swap them and adjust the settings the way they like. In other words one can easily create individual landings for each project without the professional help of a designer, development team or using supplementary tools.

Interactive building and apartment layouts

Every residential complex page has a general plan – a layout of all houses. This scheme is interactive – a client can click on a house with vacant apartments, choose a floor and examine layouts of all available apartments, then book one. It’s that easy and simple.

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